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Human Mamma Carcinoma cell line
Frozen cryovial
2 Mio. cells/ml; 1.5ml
Human Mamma Carcinoma cell line

Depositor: Gaffney
Organism: Homo sapiens (human)
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Age: 27 years old
Gender: Female (see NOTE under Karyotype)
Tissue: Breast
Morphology: Epithelial
Celltype: Mammary gland
Growth Properties: Monolayer, adherent
Description: The epithelial cell line HBL-100 has been derived by E.V. Gaffney and associates from the milk of a nursing mother and obtained 3 days after delivery. Although there was no evidence of a breast lesion in the milk donor, and the patient had no family history of breast cancer, the karyotype of the recovered cells was abnormal as early as passage 7. This line was able to synthesize a small amount of lactose and would respond to prolactin or estrogen by producing increased amounts of casein. Electron micrographs revealed microvilli, tonofibrils and desmosomes.