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Insect Ovary cell line
Frozen cryovial
3.33 Mio. cells/ml; 1.5ml
Insect Ovary cell line

Organism: Spodoptera frugiperda (fall armyworm)
Age/Stage: Pupa
Gender: Female
Tissue: Ovary
Morphology: Epithelial
Growth Properties: Suspension; Adherent in cell culture flasks.
Description: The Sf9 cell line is a suitable host for the expression of recombinant proteins using baculovirus expression vectors.
Incubation conditions: Incubate at 27°C±1°C in a non-humidified, ambient air-regulated incubator.
Use cell culture flasks with filter caps or loosen caps to allow for oxygen exchange.
The cells are adapted to serum free cultivation in suspension.