Cell Line Authentication - Murine

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The authentication of murine cell lines which are being used in many scientific research projects is an important issue. To exclude any cross contamination of your valuable cell line, it is recommended to authenticate by STR (short tandem repeat) analysis to find misidentified cell lines.

Our service includes:
- STR analysis
- Comparison with online data bases (Cellosaurus)
- analysis report

The offer is valid for 1x sample (gDNA or cell pellet)

How to arrange for the STR analysis
Our service includes performing the STR analysis, comparing the data with online databases and providing you with a publication-ready analysis report. Please follow the below steps to best help
us preparing for your STR analysis.

- Please download the order form for cell line authentication in the download section on the left.
- Please fill in the form, note if you will either send gDNA or a cell pellet and provide us with a valid email address for receiving the results in time. If you are sending:

gDNA - please provide us with ≥50 µl of 50ng/µl gDNA in Tris or EDTA (10 mM Tris,
0.1 mM EDTA. DNA samples should be sent in a padded envelope at room temperature.

Cell pellet - please provide us with 1-5 Mio. cells as a cell pellet. Please wash twice with PBS and resuspend in 0.5 ml of 70-90% ethanol. Please send in a padded envelope at room temperature.

You will get the STR profile within 2 weeks per email. The results include the comparison of the data with online databases and our own databases. The cell line will be classified as authenticated or misidentified. Please find more information in the download section below.