SciNX, powder

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SciNX is a chemically defined, serum-, protein- and animal component-free medium for continuous standard culture of adherent as well as suspension cell lines.
The unique formulation is designed to propagate various adherent and suspension cell lines, e.g. CHO-K1 and CHO-K1-S (Suspension adapted), HaCaT, HEK293 and HEK293-S (Suspension adapted), HROC cell lines (Human coloncarcinoma), U251 MG, U-2 OS, VERO.
SciNX ideally functions as a medium for recombinant protein and high-density exosome production as well as for spheroid cell culture.

Serum free cell culture medium
Comes as powder in 10 L units
Ready-to-use when reconstituted
In general, a supplementation is not necessary.