V79-4 growing

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Hamster lung fibroblast cell line
2xT25 cell culture flasks
Growing culture
Hamster lung fibroblast cell line V79-4

Organism: Cricetulus griseus (hamster, Chinese)
Gender: Male
Tissue: Lung
Morphology: Fibroblast
Growth Properties: Monolayer, adherent
Description: The V79 cell line was developed by Ford and Yerganian in 1958 from lung tissue of a young male Chinese hamster, and was originally designated Strain V. Elkind renamed the line V-79 in 1958. The sub-clone V79-4 was isolated by E.H.Y. Chu In 1966, who had obtained the line from W. Sinclair.
Resistance: This V79-4 clone is HAT-resistant and 6-thioguanine sensitive.