Tierische Zelllinien

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Catalogue of animal cell lines being part of the CLS cell bank

CLS Cell Lines Service is a certified supplier of animal cell lines and products derived thereof such as cell pellets, exosomes and gDNA. Our collection includes more than 120 animal cell lines from various tissues providing an indefinite source of biological material for your research. Please find our panels of cancer cell lines here.

We follow the established UKCCCR Guidelines for the Use of Cell Lines in Cancer Research to maintain highest quality standards and products matching the genetic properties of the cancer of origin.
To find more information on cross-contaminated cell lines please refer to the databank hosted by the International Cell Line Authentication Committee (ICLAC). STR profiles of our cell lines can be found at the cellosaurus database.

We perform extensive quality control processes to avoid cross-contamination or infection with viruses or bacteria.

Some cell lines may require you to sign a Material Transfer Agreement (MTA) or a Declaration of Usage (DoU). A licensing agreement may be further required if you are ordering from a for-profit institution. Please get in touch with our sales team through e-mail for more information.



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