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  • HMy2 (LICR-LON-HMy2)

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    Human plasma cell leukemia derived cell line HMy2 (LICR-LON-HMy2)
    Human-human hybridoma fusion partner cell line

    Organism: Homo sapiens (human)
    Age: 33 years
    Gender: Female
    Ethnicity: n.a.
    Tissue: Blood, hematopoietic system
    Disease: Normal
    Morphology: Round cells
    Cell type: B lymphoblastoid cell line
    Growth Properties: Suspension
    Description: This hybridoma fusion partner cell line was established in 1982 derived from the ARH-77 human plasma cell leukemia-derived line.
    Biosafety level: L2

    HLA-Data to be found on the product information sheet.

    Synonyms: (LICR-LON-HMy2) (HMy.2 B) (LICR-Lon-HMy-2) (LICR-LON-HMy2) (LICR.LON.HMy2) (Licr.Lon.Hmy2) (LICRLON/My2) (Hmy2) (LICR-2).