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HeLa Kyoto with endogenous AURKB and endogenous INCENP
Frozen cryovial
4 Mio. cells/ml; 1.5ml
HK-ZFN-AURKB-mEGFP, ZFN-INCENP-mCherry Organism: Human (Homo sapiens) Cell Type: HeLa Kyoto, human cervix carcinoma cells. Fluorescence Markers: endogenous AURKB tagged with mEGFP (homozygote) and endogenous INCENP tagged with mCherry (heterozygote) Morphology: Epithelial-like cells with mosaic stone shape. Growth Properties: Monolayer, adherent Percentage of expressing cells 100% Expression level: Endogenous level Production: This clonal stable cell line was generated by genome engineering using zinc finger nucleases. Drug resistance: No drug resistance. Please find more information on the Product information sheet in the Download section of this article. Permit: This product is subject to the EMBLEM MTA, which must be completed and signed ahead of shipment. Please send your request to: info(a)
Permit: Sigma license.